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NutriPlanner Zest – Putting you in control

With the system you will be able to:

  • See what allergens and nutrients are in my recipes and menus instantly without waiting for a third party to get back to me
  • Keep a record of all the recipes and menus I have used and, when my prices change from suppliers for products, the recipes and menus are automatically updated
  • Keep track of individual’s food intake and requirements especially for those in long term care
  • Manage all aspects of your catering service from supplier management, budget performance, stock control, non-food sundries and labour schedules and all this linked in one place
  • Make changes to menus and immediately see the impact
  • Have a quick method for customers to see what allergens are in the foods available – no A4 folders with reams of paper
  • Change suppliers and the products available and be able to quickly update my recipes and menu’s with the new supplier’s ingredients
  • Make sure I include the variety of menu items such as vegetarian, low sugar or gluten free choices on my menu cycle without having to pour over weeks of information to make sure I achieve this
  • Manage your costs to ensure you meet your cost per head targets

Zest is a web-based system accessible through any web browser with an Internet connection.

With Zest you can provide the people in your care with a confident solution to healthier eating and demonstrate your control of the allergens that might be in the menu items with easy to display features for the recipients of your service and their relatives’ benefit.

Using our unique non-nutrient “food category” feature you can ensure your menus reflect the needs of your customer base. For example, meeting the needs of diabetic clients or low sodium or high calorie or low calorie ensures you offer the very best variety and targeted menu service you can.

You can have all your supplier product details loaded into your system so the information you use is accurate and reflects the actual product range you use, this combined with the ability to have live pricing attached means your recipes and menus are constantly up to date with the costings.  

All this under one system

Go to the Zest Features page for more detail about all of the capabilities of Zest.

Why not take a trial today. Go to NutriPlanner Zest to sign up now or contact David O’Malley to discuss how Zest can make your catering life easier.