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“I need a system to help me plan and control my catering operation but it must be easy”

Your organisation can now control every aspect of the food service with a single system, NutriPlanner Zest.

You can access web-based Zest from anywhere via a simple web browser and an Internet connection.

Zest provides:

  • A menu evaluator to ensure achieving the legislative requirements
  • Your suppliers’ product details, including costs, nutrient and allergen information
  • Your recipes – entered just as you see them in a recipe book you can even add pictures
  • The reference product information from the FSA (McCance and Widdowson)
  • Set up the menus you want to deliver with any combination of recipes
  • Obtain immediate, fully interactive nutritional and allergen evaluation of your recipes and menus – no need to wait for someone to get back to you
  • Cost control, pricing and margin calculation if required
  • Automatic calculation of ingredient requirements from the menus you set up, taking into account existing stock levels
  • Creation of purchase orders
  • Full stock control, automatically amending stock levels based on menus prepared and deliveries received
  • Multi-site and group control features are also available
  • Zest is a delivery to service system
  • Full training and support is available

The “mise-en-place” module of Zest provides all of these benefits and many more. Go to the Zest Features page for more detail about the capabilities of Zest.

Why not take a trial today. Go to NutriPlanner Zest to sign up now.