Restaurants & Cafes

NutriPlanner Zest in the restaurant and on the High Street

Putting you in control, Zest will enable you to:

  • Evaluate nutritional and allergen, recipe and menu detail instantly without having to wait for third parties to respond
  • Have your recipes calorie-counted instantly
  • Design menu and recipe ranges to meet target markets, and allow you to follow through with the same detail for specials
  • Keep cost, price and margins up to date with just a few clicks of a button
  • Estimate ingredient needs and generate orders
  • Have control over your stock including expired goods
  • For multi-site organisations a hierarchy structure is available providing head-office control over satellite units
  • Add company recipe and pictures that can be accessed by satellite units but not altered
  • Manage the financial aspects of your operation including staff costs and invoice matching.
  • Retain almost infinite volumes of historical information- never lose your old recipe and  menu information again
  • Get training support for the use of the system

Zest’s unique allergen “kiosk” shows only menu items that DO NOT Contain allergens to be avoided, available on the IPad or Tablet instantly for customer convenience – no more weighty folders for customers or staff to wade through.

In today’s food market there has never been more awareness of food and its nutritional value and there seems to be a growing number of customers with allergies and allergen requirements. Making sense of this and keeping in control can be very difficult.

We provide caterers with a web-based, dynamic tool that enables them to manage this and most other aspects of the service, demonstrating that they are meeting the legislative requirements to know what allergens are in the recipes and food they serve.

All this under one system.

Go to the Zest Features page for more detail about all of the capabilities of Zest.

Why not take a trial today. Go to NutriPlanner Zest to sign up now or contact David O’Malley to discuss how Zest can make your catering life easier.