Family & individual situations

Zest “Trakker”

Your personal solution to managing a diet diary

I want a diet diary system that will…

  • Help me to plan menus to meet my own selected targets
  • Help me to avoid specific allergens
  • Evaluate my diary nutritionally over a period of time
  • Provide calorie-counted recipe and menu evaluations
  • Keeps a record food consumption so I can see what works best for me
  • Evaluate my consumption against personalised nutritional targets
  • Allow additional products, that might not be in the system, to be entered taking the detail from the label on the side of the pack
  • Maintain records to show evidence that targets are being achieved
  • Enter my own recipe details and keep them for my use
  • Allow me to have several diaries so that I can add all family’s diaries under one system
  • Have different targets and allergen flags for each family member

Zest Trakker is a simple to use tool that will help you and empower you to understand the food that you eat and to see at a glance how well it meets with your own personal nutritional and allergen needs.

Regardless of what you eat ZestTrakker can immediately show you the nutritional balance of your meals allowing you to adjust them accordingly.

You can enter your own recipes into the system by including ingredients from our wide range of ‘set’ products, or you can enter your own ingredients if you wish. There is also a wide variety of ‘set’ recipes that you can browse through and choose from.

Each recipe can immediately be analysed for nutritional balance allowing you to adjust it if needed.

Any of the recipes can be included in a food diary as an amount of a portion. So, if you set up your recipe and a family member only eats half a portion, you can enter that.

As you are entering items into a diary, if you have flagged an allergen to be avoided, items that contain that allergen will not be offered to you when you search.

For more details about Trakker, go to the Zest Features page.

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